[Dshield] worm(?) using nsiislog.dll exploit?

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Sun Dec 21 20:49:28 GMT 2003

  It seems it has been around sense June did you check here 
         I had hits from the same places back when the Red Worm hit, I 
believe there is a group that are working together. The FBI did not seem to care. Oh 
well have fun

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Subj:   [Dshield] worm(?) using nsiislog.dll exploit?   
Date:   12/21/2003 6:56:58 AM Mountain Standard Time    
From:    jimmythegeek at techemail.com (James Affeld)
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I've seen exploit attempts against the 11 web servers I run.

16 different hosts from Korea, Germany, etc. have tried to use the 
nsiislog.dll file in the last month or so.  Judging from the way the source port 
increments to match gaps in the ip addresses of my web servers, I believe it tries 
every ip in the subnet.  I only alert on the successful sessions that contain 
this exploit so I don't see the "dest. host unreachable" messages.  It doesn't 
send it with the syn packet so I don't hear about the misses, only the hits.  

bad.guy.ip.address 3445 -> my.ip.address.10
bad.guy.ip.address 3448 -> my.ip.address.13

Here are the references Snort cites.  



If this were a tool being used manually, I wouldn't expect to see it from 16 
different hosts.  The vulnerable .dll gets installed with Windows Media 
Services on Windows 2000 server/IIS 5.0.  The fact that it is not installed by 
default probably explains the sub-epidemic level of attacks.  

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