[Dshield] Firewall newbie

Chuck Lewis clewis at iquest.net
Mon Dec 22 17:50:09 GMT 2003


Thanks for the head's up. I guess I didn't think there was anything in there
that would give anything away bit DUH on my part.

What in particular is a no-no ?

Thanks !


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Please, for your sake, sanitize your posts about your particular 
configuration, no need to give them a "key" and a "gun".  You can post about

it, be general even a little obscure, if not "off list".

"It is never too late to learn what is always necessary to know."
     Lucius Annaeus Seneca (2BC-65AD); Roman philospher, statesman

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>We just had one installed here for VPN and here is some stuff show version
>shows as to how we are configured (not sure it is of any help or not):
>Licensed Features:
>Failover:       Disabled
>VPN-DES:        Enabled
>VPN-3DES:       Disabled
>Maximum Interfaces:     2
>Cut-through Proxy:      Enabled
>Guards:         Enabled
>Websense:       Enabled
>Inside Hosts:   Unlimited
>Throughput:     Limited
>ISAKMP peers:   Unlimited
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>I've installed a CISCO PIX 501 firewall appliance on my company's broadband
>internet feed and have a few questions for the experts on the list; thank
>you by the way to everyone who responded to my earlier request for advice
>and information on firewall choices.
>The configuration options available on the PIX are overwhelming while the
>documentation provided by Cisco is quite underwhelming, rather 
>I am looking for basic security configuration necessities. What logging
>options, filtering, security levels, etc. should I have configured?  Are
>there good online walk through for PIX configuration that you know of?  Is
>there a good manual you can recommend?
>What do I need to setup, install or configure to contribute my logs to the
>dshield site?
>Any information or recommended resources are welcome.
>I already see a lot of activity on the firewall's internal and external
>interface with only one test laptop connected to the PIX and no browser,
>telnet or any other programs running.  With no manual or reference material
>provided with the PIX I have no way of knowing if this is normal or if my
>system is compromised already, really trying not to be paranoid.
>For the basic questions anyone may have; I changed the default pix host 
>and domain name, I set a password for PIX configuration access, VPN is not
>enabled until I learn a lot more about it, auto update is not enabled, the
>inside interface security level is 100, the outside interface security 
>is 0, and PAT is being used rather than NAT.
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