[Dshield] Not to further venture into unwanted territory but . . .

David Hart DavidHart at TQMcube.com
Mon Dec 22 19:01:05 GMT 2003

Enraged that his computer was virtually disabled by e-mail spam earlier
this year, Charles Booher, 44, of Sunnyvale, Calif., allegedly
repeatedly threatened employees of the spammer with torture (castration
with a power drill and an ice pick) and murder (using a gun and anthrax
spores). He was arrested in November and admitted to the Reuters news
agency that he had "sort of lost (his) cool" at the bombardment of
penis-lengthening ads from DM Contact Management. DM's president blamed
a rival company for stealing DM's e-mail address and said such companies
give a bad name to the penis-enlargement business. [Reuters, 11-21-03] 

Castration with a power drill? LOL

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