[Dshield] testing a firewall

michael nancarrow michael.nancarrow at ac3.com.au
Mon Dec 22 21:17:31 GMT 2003

	I have recently deployed a new firewall system and spent
	a lot of time testing the new rules. The one problem I found 
	was that whilst I could test for known rules it was hard to test
	for unknown rules or unexpected results. Since we were not familiar
	with the new firewall we got some nasty surprises. What I was missing
	amongst the tool set was a means of getting every port from every
	ip address on the Internal network to respond. The idea being that
	I could do a complete port scan and guarantee a device behind the 
	firewall would respond if it got through. Does anybody no if such
	a tool exists ? everybody has been working hard to stop this type
	of response occurring on b/cast addresses but it can be handy at times.
	Particularly if you don't want to do the testing in-situ.

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