[Dshield] Communication when emails are being watched

Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at sans.org
Wed Dec 24 20:04:18 GMT 2003

One of the classic covert channel tools is 'loki'. Its quite old
(1995/96?) and there should be an old phrack article around with 

Signature based IDS's (like snort) usually don't do too well in
detecting new covert channels. The best deffence against a covert
channel is to know what your network traffic is supposed to look
like, so you will recognize an excess of ICMP (or other traffic).

A more recent example of a trojan with covert channel is 
Calypso/sinit. See the diary from Dec. 16th for details:

it includes a pdf filter for this particular trojan.

> > Since the packet though will be larger, you could probably tack on a 
> > rule that says If ICMP has "Data Payload" > 25 then capture >> 
> > largeicmp.log
> How hard would it be to write a snort rule for this?

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