[Dshield] Holiday Announcement

Chuck Lewis clewis at iquest.net
Fri Dec 26 14:33:59 GMT 2003


What DameWare exploit ?

Thanks !


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Just a quick announcement/reminder:

We will of course be watching the net over the holidays as usual.
Responses may be a bit slower as everyone here will be busy unwrapping

If you are lucky enough to receive a new PC under the tree, remember
that its likely unpatched and may be vulnerable to Nachia/Blaster if its
preloaded with Windows. You may want to take a look at the XP "Survival
Guide", or point friends/relative to it:

Before you leave work today (if you have to work today ;-) ), you may
want to consider turning off your workstation. It will safe power and
protect you from whatever will be released over the break. (Some
companies DO NOT like it if you turn your PC off, as it may prevent 
remote maintenance and backups)

I don't expect anything too interesting to happen between now and new
year. Things look reasonable quite. The only real new issue is the
DameWare exploit that is making the round. But I don't expect this to
become too serious (there are not that many systems around that run this

Everyone have fun and don't get hacked over the holidays.

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