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Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at sans.org
Tue Dec 30 17:25:19 GMT 2003

> Blacklisting all spam and PORN is appropriate and the 'right' politically
> correct thing to do.

If you know of a "sporn" filter, let me know. There are plenty
of filters (and I am using them). But none of them is all that

The main issues about spam and filters in my opinion:

- People use services like spamcop as the only tool to filter.
- they don't understand how these block lists work.
- aside from a few obvious cases, it is hard to define what
  "spam" is. 

For myself: I use 'spamassassin'. The main reason is that it is
very much configurable. For example, until recently I did use
spamcop as one factor. And even while our mail server was
blacklisted, I didn't lose any email, as just the fact of being listed
in spamcop didn't push the score high enough.

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