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mark rowlands mark.rowlands at mypost.se
Tue Dec 30 17:51:10 GMT 2003

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> > "Spam management is top of the news now that President Bush 
> has signed 
> > the Spam Act into law, but some strategies for reducing spam may do 
> > more harm than good. Using a blacklist such as the one provided by 
> > spamcop.net could be dangerous for your organization. "
> > 
> > Well said. At the risk of being repetitive, the issue is 
> best defined 
> > as "Informed Consent." The key is for IT to work with other 
> > departments on these matters.
> > 
> > Many efforts to improve security or reduce spam have risks 
> associated 
> > with them. From a quality perspective, we are encouraging 
> clients to 
> > employ the quality cycle; Study the potential risk, monitor the 
> > results and make changes as required.
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> You actually believe this?
> Blacklisting all spam and PORN is appropriate and the 'right' 
> politically correct thing to do.  Spam and Porn (Sporn), I 
> believe, should both be classified as the same garbage.  
> Sporn has been an on going 'real world'
> problem for many many years and will continue to be so.
> ~Rick
Politically correct my arse, politics has nothing to do with, I just 
don't want to waste my b/w or helpdesk time answering queries about 
spam / porn or viruses. 

Oh and don't put porn and spam in the same bag, porn has been a 
significant factor in the development of the internet as we know it
Porn has popularized many now commonplace web techniques, e-commerce,
popup windows load-balancing.

The demand for bandwidth and connectivity has fed the
profits of cisco,lucent and nortel amd many ISPs as well as creating
a demand for monitoring software so that employers can see which 
employees know where to find the best porn. (We now routinely use this
information in the annual salary assessment) 

Help contribute to the continued improvement of the internet and
d/l some pron right now  ;-)

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