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> Oh and don't put porn and spam in the same bag, porn has been a 
> significant factor in the development of the internet as we 
> know it today. Porn has popularized many now commonplace web 
> techniques, e-commerce, popup windows load-balancing.
> The demand for bandwidth and connectivity has fed the
> profits of cisco,lucent and nortel amd many ISPs as well as 
> creating a demand for monitoring software so that employers 
> can see which 
> employees know where to find the best porn. (We now routinely 
> use this information in the annual salary assessment) 
> Help contribute to the continued improvement of the internet 
> and d/l some pron right now  ;-)

You can also make a case for Porn being the reason that VHS won over Beta,
due to the huge price difference in camera equipment (due to Sony's monopoly
on the Beta format).

Let those that want their porn have it, the Government shouldn't be getting
involved in this anyway... IMO.

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