[Dshield] SANS Newsletter

Ed Truitt truited at etee2k.net
Tue Dec 30 19:24:44 GMT 2003

Well, in that case maybe SANS needs to include Tumbleweed SecureMail 5.5
and the Tumbleweed Dynamic Anti-spam Service on its [expletive deleted]
list - 'cause the last @RISK newsletter was flagged by our
corporate mail filters as spam (and, there is nothing I can do to make
that stop - but that is the subject of another off-topic post.)

Edward D. (Ed) Truitt
email:  ed.truitt at etee2k.net
"Note to spammers: my 'delete' key is connected to YOUR ISP.
Also, if you send me UCE, I reserve the right to post your spew
on my Web site, with the appropriate color commentary, so that
others may have a good laugh at your expense."

On Tue, 30 Dec 2003, Chris Brenton wrote:

> LOL! Ya I guess the _wrong way_ to get good PR from SANS is to block
> them multiple time as spammers and only have bogus data to fall back on.
> ;-)
> C

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