[Dshield] Safer alternative to Outlook

Michael Leone loki at psu.edu
Wed Dec 31 01:00:31 GMT 2003

I have been searching for a long while because I have always felt that 
using Microsoft Outlook as a PIM would endanger personal data to prying 
eyes. That being more than true for the most part, I have a customer who 
loved WordPerfect office's sidekick program. Since building him a new 
system he decided on all upgraded software of the titles he normally uses 
-- However, WordPerfect 86'd sidekick. Seems that Star Office got rid of 
their PIM as well. I set him up with Star Office (why be vulnerable to MS 
word macro virii?), but I am still looking for a decent personal manager 
for dates, appointments, etc... Outlook is out of the question, too 
insecure. Besides, I turned him to Eudora anyway.

IBM has Lotus Organizer, anyone hear any vulnerabilities in their software? 
Is it secure?

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