[Dshield] Safer alternative to Outlook

Josh josh at theoubliette.net
Wed Dec 31 05:33:11 GMT 2003

FWIW, I use Ximian Evolution and I love it.  Very familiar interface and
only a few minor differences in usability from Outlook as well as few
things Outlook doesn't have.  No vulnerabilities that I'm aware of.

I haven't used Lotus Organizer in years, but we have Lotus Notes at work
and I hate it.  Years ago, it used to be similar to Organizer, but I
couldn't say for sure today.  From a usability standpoint Notes sucks. 
I haven't found anything tremendously insecure about it that other PIMs
don't also share and it's obscure enough that no one really cares enough
to have it under prime time scrutiny for attack development.


On Tue, 2003-12-30 at 17:00, Michael Leone wrote:
> I have been searching for a long while because I have always felt that 
> using Microsoft Outlook as a PIM would endanger personal data to prying 
> eyes. That being more than true for the most part, I have a customer who 
> loved WordPerfect office's sidekick program. Since building him a new 
> system he decided on all upgraded software of the titles he normally uses 
> -- However, WordPerfect 86'd sidekick. Seems that Star Office got rid of 
> their PIM as well. I set him up with Star Office (why be vulnerable to MS 
> word macro virii?), but I am still looking for a decent personal manager 
> for dates, appointments, etc... Outlook is out of the question, too 
> insecure. Besides, I turned him to Eudora anyway.
> IBM has Lotus Organizer, anyone hear any vulnerabilities in their software? 
> Is it secure?
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