[Dshield] Win2k SP-4

R Shady RShady at stny.rr.com
Sat Jul 12 13:23:39 GMT 2003

Here's an excerpt from the W2kNews newsletter to pass
along on what to be aware of:

* W2K SP4 Anecdotal "Unfixes" 

First, thanks to all of you that took the time to describe the 
different problems you encountered. You know who you are. Second, 
do not see this as an attempt to knock SP4 and tell you to not 
deploy it. This SP has hundreds of important security fixes, so 
it -is- important. The main thing I am emphasizing is that you 
need to TEST, TEST, and TEST in a non-production environment 

We have assembled about 50 different short 'Unfixes", but they 
are too long to have in this newsletter, so here is a link to 
all these gotchas, with names removed but otherwise left 
exactly the way they were sent, so that you can get an idea 
of the general problem areas. We hope that this will help some 
of you and help prevent some unplanned downtime:

Now, keep in mind that these problems are coming up in site- 
specific configurations, and that you might never see these 
in your own environment. So,... test. These problems were not 
really put in categories, but when you read them you will readily 
recognize similar problems with earlier SP's like third party 
apps breaking, BSOD's, .Net framework 1.0 problems, applications 
(like Exchange) hanging and the like. Here goes!  
This is the link:


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