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atius tira atiustira at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 20 21:37:45 GMT 2003

Hi I also have not posted before. Because of the level of expertise on this 
list. But I hope that you don't mind my lurking. As I really appreciate 
being able to vicariously gain some experience. And knowledge. I hope you 
keep up the great work! I am trying to do the seemingly impossible. Secure a 
Win98SE White Box that I built. And share with my fiancee.
I am also on a beer budget(not much to spend). We use Verizon DSL through a 
Westell Wirespeed modem that Verizon provided. And a Linyksys bew11s4 
router(got the last firmware upgrade for that last Dec 2002.)I am running 
Ad-aware 6.Spyware search and destroy and The Spyware Blaster.Diamond TDS 3 
and there Port Explorer(both fully licensed).Zone Alarm Plus 
4.0123.012.Panda Platinum 7.04.00 with the firewall that is included with 
it.(both firewalls are programmable)ZA through Expert rules. And Pandas 
through permanent firewall configure). All software is updated manually by 
me on a twice a week basis. Some of the week points are that my fiancee 
plays sims online(and they are rather secret)about what they are doing. They 
advised my fiancee once to shut off her firewall to play. She didn't. She 
got a connect later after they did what ever they did on there end.
She also runs AIM. And Yahoo IM. I have done my best to make sure file 
sharing is disabled on them. So that is my sieve. I feel like the little 
Dutch boy with his finger in the Dam. I just installed Mandrake 9.1 on my 
other computer(but I still am at the learning how to mount things stage,and 
haven't done much with the command line yet).
My problem is that when I run Diamond port explorer. I see active listening 
connections  from tribalfussion.com  I am using the hosts file on my system 
with a list of connections from Spyware search and destroy to block pop ups 
etc it redirects to my computer instead of going any where. I added tribal 
fussion to the top of the list. But is it normal for it to be active?It 
looks like ZoneAlarm  and PAV Proxie are listening to it on the active 
ports. Any help will be apreciated.
Thanks in advance

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