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Paul Fottler paulf at salem.cc
Tue Jul 22 17:33:14 GMT 2003


Yes, I also saw a major increase in port 445 scanning last night/this morning. My PIX logs usually contain around 20K entries for a full 24hr period (not sure if this is normal on a full class C IP range, corporate use). However, this morning (around 3:00 - 6:oo PDT) my Kiwi Daemon sent me notices about receiving a quantity of messages past my threshold (5000), from the first alert at 6617 messages at 2:57 AM it jumped to 33264 at 5:58 AM. The overwhelming majority of these are port 445 hits. Things have quieted back down since then, with my normal firewall activity at around 800 - 1000 MPH.

Paul Fottler
Information Systems Lead
Salem Communications

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>>Has anyone else seen an increase in 445 scanning?
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