[Dshield] Chat Options

Tom Laermans tom.laermans at powersource.cx
Wed Jul 30 10:24:05 GMT 2003

At 16:49 26-07-2003, you wrote:

>   Now one point that surprised me, and is the most serious objection
>in my mind, is the possibility that the 'Chat' will remove valuable
>content from the mailing list. This is something I have to think

I've been away on vacation for a while and missed the chat thread, was just 
reading up...

I don't know if the IRC chat will really take away the value of the mailing 
list. There are a lot of 1-2 line posts to the mailinglist which you could 
classify as chit-chat, which *may* be better suited to IRC. Writing long 
texts (for IRC this mail is already too long), posting advisories, logs, 
etc etc I think people would still use the mailinglist, as it should, as it 
has a wider audience ofcourse (most people don't IRC from work either), but 
you could have some kind of real-time early-warning system when people 
detect huge scans or attacks on their networks...

Spidernet (our IRC network) would be very happy to host dshield chat as 
well (not that I want any trouble with the starlink network ofcourse ;) - 
www.spidernet.org - Our IRCD will soon support SSL connections for people 
who want security while chatting, that may be an important point for some 
people.. SILC may more secure, but IRC is more known to people and has IMO 
a bit an easier interface and more client possibilities. Webchat is on the 
way as well, with an applet where you don't have to click "Yes" to accept ;)

Just my .02 EUR :)


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