[Dshield] MSN Messenger security

Brenden Walker BKWalker at DRBSystems.com
Thu Jul 31 19:55:02 GMT 2003

There's an oxymoron, Securing and Microsoft in the same sentence ;-)...

Assuming you're using a firewall, the ports shouldn't be open anyway (if you
subscribe to the block everything and just open the holes you need

As far as Hotmail automatically installing MSN Messenger, this can be
disabled by turning off the functions in IE that it uses to do so
(presumably Java, Javascript, Active X or something like that).  But of
course the users could turn it back on.

I think folks here would need to know more about the network layout, what
resources are in place (firewalls, proxy servers, etc).... 

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> I'm wondering if others on the list would provide information on 
> securing MSN Messenger and other IMs. Or should I say secure the 
> network from their use. I knew already that logging into Hotmail.com 
> to check mail would download and install MSN Messenger if it wasn't 
> installed - this all happens without user involvement - but 
> recently I 
> found out it also runs MSN Messenger.
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