[Dshield] compile with winsock.h in linux

Stephane Grobety security at admin.fulgan.com
Mon Jun 2 12:06:41 GMT 2003

NNH> I have some code in C and include winsock.h, I don't know install
NNH> which package supports winsock.h in Linux. Could you help me ?

First, this is hardly the appropriate place for such question: try a
programer forum for a better answer.

Second, winsock is the name of the windows TCP stack (WINdows SOCKets).
As the name implies, it only available under Windows and it's part of
the windows SDK. Under Linux, you can use the "socket.h" library which
contains a subset of these functions (in fact, Linux implements the
berkeley sockets as they where originally defined while windows
supports most of these functions and options - but not all - while at
the same time providing an extended interface). Problem is. if you
package uses winsocks.h, then it's windows-specific and you can have a
hard time having it run under Linux.

Good luck,

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