[Dshield] any feedback on NetScreen firewalls??

Jason Beauford Jbeauford at mill-max.com
Wed Jun 4 16:22:09 GMT 2003

We are currently using a Netscreen 25 Firewall.  So far we have had zero
problems with it.  It has effectively protected our internal network for
over a year now.  The device itself has a nice user friendly interface.
It comes with a default BLOCK ALL policy and you create policies to
allow incoming / outgoing traffic.  You can then set priorities on these
rules to set the order in which they will be followed.  It comes with
ability to connect to a SYSLOG server as well as many internet usage
tracking programs/hardware (we currently use Websense).  It has a nice
integrated VPN which takes a bit to set up, but once in place works
flawlessly.  Netscreen Tech Support is great.  They know their stuff and
are constantly upgrading the Netscreen OS.

I would recommend this product.



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Does anyone here have any strong opinions pro or con about NetScreen
firewalls?  A tech in our organisation is pushing them. Michael

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