[Dshield] My Apologies

Chateauneuf duPape at bellatlantic.net
Thu Jun 5 17:40:40 GMT 2003

Having switched from WinXP to Postfix 2.10-2 on RH Linux the good news
is that Spam is almost immeasurable.

The bad news is that RegEx header and body filters (adapted from that
Eudora package) are creating false positives, almost exclusively in list

If you get a bounce from us (TQMcube.com), please accept my apologies.
We are working on the problem. If it cannot be solved in a short period
of time, we'll stop the auto forward from Verizon on this email address.

If someone is a Postfix expert and would like to help, please contact me
off list at dch at tqmcube.com. I need to figure out how to whitelist based
on the connecting domain to avoid the header and body checks.

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