[Dshield] port 6630

Deb Hale haled at pionet.net
Tue Jun 10 18:19:02 GMT 2003

The only reference that I can find to this port on Google was a German site.
Roughly translated with http://dictionary.reference.com/translate/text.html
this on-line translator is possibly a new program that is using this port.
Of course, I don't speak German so I am not sure how well the translator

>From Web Site http://www.insiderz.de/ 

Original - 
Liebe insiderZ User
Ultimate3.0 steht in der letzten Testphase.
Diese Version werden wir in Kürze im Netzwerk insiderZ.de einführen.
Nun seid Ihr gefragt die neue Version ausgiebig zu testen.
Das Testnetzwerk erreicht ihr unter
/server -m testnet.insiderZ.de 6630
Port 6630 ist sehr wichtig.

Mehr Informationen erhaltet ihr unter "mehr"

Roughly translated - 
"Love insiderZ user Ultimate3.0 stands in the last test phase. We will
introduce this version soon to the network insiderZ.de. Now are to be tested
you asked the new version extensively. The test network reaches it under
/server m testnet.insiderZ.de 6630 port6630 is very important. To more
information receive you under "more"."  

And appears to be an IRC (again roughly translated) - In insiderZ.de IRC the
network we a German IRC network is welcome that on the assistance of
freiwilliger is based. We offer also large "services" to IRC servers beside
the standard, which make the Chatten more comfortable and simpler. On this
web page the insiderZ.de team makes current information available about the
network. Yours sincerely the insiderZ.de team

Anyone read German?

Deborah F Hale
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I have been getting a lot of hits on the UDP port 6630 within the last 4
hours. Does anyone know what this is ?


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