[Dshield] Fightback email addresses?

Peter Gervai grin at tolna.net
Wed Jun 11 09:47:30 GMT 2003


Sorry if this already has been bought up but I try to ask this every 6
months (so far), and kindly waiting for a reply.

I manage several IP blocks, and I am fairly unhappy that Fightback uses
general support email instead of the abuse email. Our abuse email is
registered in abuse.net (naturally), but it's probably not directly useful
due to its domain-based nature.

Nevertheless I want to tell fightback where to send emails for my zones.
Probably many others want to do the same, as sending abuse reports to
general support emails result zero actions (they're too busy to forward all
this stuff).

I wonder how fightback does select email address? (I'd like to see this on
the Fightback info webpage/faq as well, I'm sure it is a valuable
information for the public.) Could it be changed somehow?


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