[Dshield] spam blockers

Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at sans.org
Wed Jun 11 19:34:21 GMT 2003

  Just a reminder about spam blockers: Recently, spam blockers
that require a human response have become popular. Now Earthlink
uses them. You will not receive any of the automated DShield
reports (or mailings from the list for that matter) if you are
setting such a system. Make sure to 'whitelist' @dshield.org=20
if you are using such a system (while you are at it, whitelist
@sans.org and @euclidian.com as well ;-) ).

  Occasionally the bounces generated by these systems will end
up in my inbox. But most of them will be ignored.

Johannes Ullrich
Internet Storm Center - SANS Institute
jullrich at sans.org  http://isc.sans.org

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