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R Shady RShady at stny.rr.com
Thu Jun 12 15:17:46 GMT 2003

Also:  After getting rid of js.jjblack, I suggest updating VM.  Build 
3810 or later will prevent
this in the future - hopefully.  See MS03-011 at:

Graham K. Dodd wrote:

>Has anyone out there run across js.jjblack
>Our Sales Manager in Spain keeps getting pop-up windows with jjblack, the
>path points to the temp internet files which we have removed.
>Sometimes the message windows appears when he moves his cursor over an email
>in Outlook Express, these email's have been deleted and removed from the
>trash........ but this *@@!%! window keeps popping up.
>Searches on all the AV sites have not come up with anything.
>Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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