[Dshield] Spyware Blacklist

Mark Tombaugh mtombaugh at alliedcc.com
Thu Jun 12 23:09:37 GMT 2003

Does anyone know of a trustworthy and well maintained spyware blacklist? I'm 
looking for a text list with CIDR ranges that I can scoop up and auto update 

This guy <http://www.geocities.com/spywarekilla/spyware_blacklist.html> has a 
nice hosts file but I'd like to block at the gateway instead of null route at 
the servers. 

Besides certain ads not loading on web pages, what would be the side effects 
of implementing such a list? Would it even be effective?

If there isn't such a list available online, and it is an effective solution, 
would anybody be interested in helping me setup and maintain one?


-- Mark Tombaugh

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