FW: [Dshield] Activity on port 3110, mostly udp with occasional tcp

Ed Truitt ed.truitt at etee2k.net
Thu Jun 12 23:31:12 GMT 2003

I haven't seen any of this traffic.  However, if you are still getting
it, why not put up a sniffer and capture some packets?

I did find something on Google - an administrators guide that indicates
this may be related to some form of remote-control software tied in with
NetMeeting (possibly NM's own remote desktop control feature?)

On Thu, 2003-06-12 at 16:22, Brad Morgan wrote:
> I'd guess from the lack of response that I'm the only one on this list
> that's being hit by this traffic.  
> I've searched with Google and scanned a couple of anti-virus sites but I can
> find nothing that might help me identify what is causing this traffic.
> Can anyone on this list provide me with some pointers on where to look for
> more information?
> Thanks,
> Brad Morgan
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> Subject: [Dshield] Activity on port 3110, mostly udp with occasional tcp
> I'm seeing a massive amount of attempts to UDP port 3110 (occasionally its
> TCP traffic).  My daily activity has been around 500 packets per day but
> over the last 3 full days I've seen 1000, 1200, and 1700 packets the
> difference all being this 3110 traffic.
> All I've been able to find about this port is the common name of sim-control
> with a service description of simulator control port.
> The Internet Storm Center (graph attached) shows a corresponding spike on
> this port but I haven't found any additional information about what this
> might be?  Anyone here have any information?
> Regards,
> Brad Morgan
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