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Daniel G. Kluge dkluge at acm.org
Sat Jun 14 17:04:08 GMT 2003

Am Vendredi, 13.06.03, um 18:21 Uhr (Europe/Zurich) schrieb David 

> If you've got a Netware server you want a hot mirrored spare of, 
> caminosoft
> http://www.caminosoft.com/solutions/standbyserver/
>  has some wonderful stuff out there for that.  If you need a hot SITE, 
> point a highly directional antenna to a nearby (line of sight) 
> business you've got an agreement, and mirror over the 802.11b 54mbps 
> connection.

That's fine for a simple clustering solution, disaster recovery sites 
should be outside the area that could be affected by the same disaster. 
So most are a couple of miles away anyway, outside of the reliable 
reach of Wi-Fi and the like (and 802.11b is 11Mbps, 802.11[ag] are 54 
Mbps symbol rate, data rate is half that), mostly outside a line of 
sight connection. I've seen sites/requirements anywhere from 20 miles 
to 100 km.

> I deal with a company that can't have more than an hour downtime, so 
> they just buy 2 of everything, and once both machines are configured, 
> one is sent to a storage trailer in a  secure location.  If something 
> dies, they just need to restore backups.
> It really all depends on your budget, platforms, and budget though.

And that works in under an hour? Cold standby with recovery from backup 
takes several hours if you have any reasonably sized database.

There is article in the last June Waters Magazine (Vol 9 No26 "Speed 
the recovery") where they (Evergreen Investments Asset Management) want 
to recover in under an hour. With 150GB of live data and a couple dozen 
servers,  tape backups don't cut it, they have a weekly backup of over 
six terabytes (for all sites worldwide).

For Disaster recovery they are replicating their SAN data bit-by-bit 
over fiber to the Disaster Recovery Site (can be max. 30mi away), so 
the system is almost live. Half of the time for the recovery is spent 
driving to the DR Site, and the other half failing over the apps & DBs.


> Am Jeudi said:
>> Have any of you on the list had experience with design and development
>> of
>> Hot Sites for Disaster Recovery?  I am considering proposing this to
>> out
>> local community and am trying to get information.  Any ideas?  Deb
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