[Dshield] [OT] Finger print scanner for data center access?

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Wed Jun 18 02:19:36 GMT 2003

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Subject: [Dshield] [OT] Finger print scanner for data center access?

> My boss has given me the assignment of getting pricing for a security
> system based on a finger print scanner (along with others like a key fob
> and key code) to access the data center of our new building.  I've never
> even researched them before.  Any suggestions as to where to start would
> greatly appreciated.  Also, I don't think he's necessary stuck on finger
> print scanners, but we want some form of biometric system.  All I've heard
> is that none of them are all that great.

Hello Matthew,

    There is a company in Baltimore that is involved with facial recognition
technology.  I am not sure what else they do.  It is called  View Systems.
I have a phone number you could call: 1-410-404-3624.  That will get you to
a guy named Dave.

hope this helps.


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