[Dshield] Managing multiple reporting sources

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Just to clarify, LDAP is not an encryption protocol, but rather a directory
service.  Not sure exactly the relation of LDAP to the topic at hand,

On your other points, I agree completely, and have implemented both
alternatives (VPN and SSH/SCP) in active configurations right now.

I manage four disparate networks for the same company.  Between two sites,
we have a hardware-based point-to-point VPN solution in place.  However, to
conserve bandwidth and provide better reliability, I still don't remote log.
Instead, in all four locations, I have a local syslog collecting server that
all the other machines send copies of their logs to.  These, in turn, have
cron jobs that rotate and send their logs to a single centralized server,
where they are processed, correlated, and archived (all on a RAID for more

Perhaps a bit overkill for some configurations, but applicable and scalable.


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Is VPN out of the question?  You could even get creative with other
types of encryption, such as SSL or LDAP and either a web-based or
email-based pre-processing architecture.  This would imply a fair level
of scripting or programming expertise, though.

Even simpler would be a ssh script with host-key authentication or scp
script with the same.

Just because the machines are in different physical locations on diverse
networks does not mean that you cannot get the logs from one place to
the other without secure transfer. 

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Well, the machines in question are in different cities with nothing 
connecting them but the internet.  I really don't want to do remote 
syslogging over the interenet. :-)
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