[Dshield] What is "average" reply/fightback ratio?

Richard Roy RoyR at justicetrax.com
Wed Jun 18 14:06:11 GMT 2003

Amen to that Deb!
I was not complaining in the slightest.  In fact, I tell everyone I know
about Dshield.  Unfortunately I cannot link to it from the company web
site, but I tell anyone who will listen about it.  Our company works
with Law Enforcement agencies all over the globe.  I've helped several
of them submit their home logs to the project, and am working to see if
we can get some of their work logs submitted.  I applaud Johannes and
co. for all the work they do.  I only wish I could get the funding to go
to a seminar, take the courses and personally thanks them over a tall
cool frosty beverage!

As for fightback....it'd be nice to know that the problem has been
fixed, but I care more that they actually try to fix it then spend time
telling me they are.


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David - I didn't get the feeling that anyone was complaining.  I felt
that it was simply a curious inquiry.  When I replied to the original
email message it was simply to state that I have not seen any responses
to any of the fightbacks that have been sent using my data.  

I agree with some of what you state here.  I agree that the ISP's are
not in the business to REPLY to anyone's complaints, however, I do HOPE
that they at least look at the information that is being sent to them
and act where appropriate.  Unfortunately,  I think more of them have
your attitude about their responsiblility. They feel that it is not
THEIR problem that some "stupid" home computer user has a
virus/spyware/trojan, etc that is causing their computer to spit out
garbage that does clog up their pipe.  As long as it doesn't
significantly impact their bandwidth WHO CARES, right? The problem is
that all of these little fellor's may be setting up to someday start a
Ddos attack.  When that happens - their customers maybe down for hours
and sometimes days. What will this do to their bottomline?  When this
happens - they lose revenue - sleep - and sanity!  Wouldn't it be a lot
better for them if they stopped it before it gets that far?  

Frankly, I don't care if they REPLY to the fightback as long as they
RESPOND.  In other words, as long as they do something to fix the

I am a huge fan of Dshield - I think Johannes and the rest of the staff
at ISC, Dshield and SANS do an outstanding job.  I have no criticism of
them whatsoever. If you look at my website you will see that I support
the efforts of these folks.  I have the warning banner on my web - I
have links to the maps, handler's incident, and both isc and dshield.  I
am trying to educate the ISP's in this community as well as the small
business and home computer users.  We can NOT expect anyone to fix
something that they are not aware is "broke". You missed this very
important point. 

Dshield does help with early warnings. BUT what good is that going to do
if all of the ISP's ignore the warnings? 

This is my 2 cents.  I just wanted to show you perhaps a different point


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