[Dshield] What is "average" reply/fightback ratio?

John Dalton dubuque_1 at msn.com
Wed Jun 18 16:18:37 GMT 2003

I would agree with this, but for the exception where, with the help of
postings on Dshield, I found that one folder on one of our webservers
(former employer) had been compromised by some of the users at wanadoo.fr,
and they were using about 7gb of our real estate to store DVD movies. I
noticed when the backups I was responsible for were increasing 700mb to 1 gb
a day. The boss first thought logs were running high, but in reading the
dshield posts, and suddenly finding a _com1 folder, I was able to convince
the web admin we had been compromised. After the fact I was able to look at
the logs and see when and from where, and actually with what "Grims Ping".
So I just want to say that even in that one case, all the reading I had done
of all types of post from Dshield was quite worth it. Ironically in this
case I was able to see the _com1 folder in the Veritas backup software
explorer, where it would not show in windows explorer.
So once again I do like Deb and tell anyone I can that would understand, to
be part of this service if possible.
Now if I could just find a way for the MSN DSL modem to submit :(

> expectation that Wanadoo.fr is going to give the south >end of a
northbound rat about FTP probes on my >network over here in the US.  I have

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