[Dshield] What is "average" reply/fightback ratio?

Andy Gabor ajgabor at ucdavis.edu
Wed Jun 18 17:41:50 GMT 2003


I'm the one that started this whole thread and in no sense wanted to
imply a complaint. What occurred to me was expressed by John...

On 6/18/2003 Lauro, John wrote:
>I think the replies simply are not getting logged into the database.
>My screen shows the last with a personal reply as 2003-1-28.  However,
>I know there were some personal replies after that, as I was added to
>the To/cc line for a few...  That said, I don't think the ratio was
>ever great.  So far, total fightback messages sent 172336 under my
>reports (firewalling a class B). The database was reporting several
>replies a day prior to Feb for me, and then none...

One of the reasons I inquired was that my experience with replies to
Dshield fightback was quite different prior to approx. Jan. 2003. As
described "the ratio was never great", but it was certainly greater
than 0/160 since Jan.  



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