[Dshield] security.scan.sec.rr.com

TQMcube TQMcube at verizon.net
Wed Jun 18 21:41:16 GMT 2003

On Wed, 2003-06-18 at 16:38, Doug White wrote:
> I can understand what RR is trying to do, but it seems like a sledge hammer is
> being used to break watermelons.  All they seem to be doing is to be adding to
> the congestion on the net.
Judging from your posts you are considerably more knowledgeable than I
am. Frankly, I support RR's policy since they are relying upon actual,
tested data - in contrast to using Osirusoft. They only scan me when I
send mail through their SMTP gateway.

OK. To be fair I have an ax to grind. In spite of having the same static
IP for more than five years I'm listed as part of a dial-up pool.
Osirusoft won't make an exception (in spite of the fact that I have
provided them with ample proof) and VOL is, well, post Bellatlantic
Verizon. So, for me, the RR system enables me to send mail via MX where,
perhaps, I might not otherwise be able to. I suspect that by denying
access to open relays they are doing a real service for their

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