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Ed Truitt ed.truitt at etee2k.net
Thu Jun 19 10:45:51 GMT 2003

My only complaint about PGP8.0 is that the "product activation" process
doesn't work through a proxy server - and the backup "manual" mode was a
royal pain in the butt! (It could have bene simple enough, but apparently
they required manual intervention before they would email an activation
code).  Don't know if they have fixed this problem or not.  Once I got it
installed and activated, it has been easy enough to use (I use Outlook 2000,
E2K, NAV, WinXP).

However, if you are using PGP for business I don't think you can use the
personal edition - either you have to buy the "for business" version, or you
will be in violation of the license agreement, and then Sen. Hatch will
personally descend from his throne and smite...er, destroy your computers.

Ed Truitt
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> I'm in the market for e-mail encryption.  I only have four users that need
encryption so I think PGP8.0 personal is going to be the way to go unless
someone has better ideas?  I've very much concerned with client
configuration, user training and virus scanning.  If user training is an
issue I'd rather go with an enterprise solution that I can control.  I'm
running Exch2K, Scanmail8.0, Outlook2K, NAV2003.
> Thanx, Paul
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