[Dshield] security.scan.sec.rr.com

Mark Tombaugh mtombaugh at alliedcc.com
Thu Jun 19 12:44:47 GMT 2003

On Thursday 19 June 2003 02:58 pm, John Hardin wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-06-18 at 15:51, Doug White wrote:
> > I am not sure what they are trying to accomplish.
> It is possible they are a "feeder site" for SORBS or a similar
> service...
> 	http://www.dnsbl.sorbs.net/FAQ.html
> > The boilerplate reply is
> > somewhat generic, however, My point is that they should spend at least
> > that amount of effort on closing open relays within their own net block -
> > this is where the failure seems to be.
> Granted, they should be putting effort into cleaning their own house.

I think we are all in agreement here. My original reply to Doug's post was to 
bring to light their policies, which were misrepresented, at least as stated, 
by Doug's post. At least they _say_ that they scan their own subscriber IP 
base, and as a member, I would much rather be probed by my ISP 24x7 than have 
ports filtered.

Let me also point out that while I agree with their policies as stated, I 
don't neccessarily agree with their implementation of these policies. 100s of 
hits caused by just 2 emails sent to them is indeed excessive, but I am 
trying to remain objective as to "what they are trying to do".

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