[Dshield] security.scan.sec.rr.com

Doug White doug at dwhite.ws
Fri Jun 20 18:50:23 GMT 2003

I was not referring to scans, I have no problems with the scans, I am referring
to spam email being routed through their hosted open relays.

RR scans my net block every 5 days or so, and I suppose this is because I have
an extensive RR customer base.   I don't report the scans direct, although they
are included in my dshield reports, when the scanning is done on a workstation
that is not a mail server, and none of the scanned ports are even open.

The scans that I cannot figure out are the persistent ones from the Cyberangels
net block.

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| On Fri, 2003-06-20 at 13:00, Doug White wrote:
| > I just sent 11 abuse at rr dot com complaints via their open relay IP
| > We shall see what happens as a result.
| Please do not harass abuse at rr.com. One e-mail to tell them to add you to
| their 'no scan' list is all it should take.
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