[Dshield] Willi Web (final word) - Vacation Notes

Johannes Ullrich jullrich at euclidian.com
Fri Jun 20 19:46:23 GMT 2003

I will carefully review future 'Willi Web' messages, and hopefully not 
approve any more messages that are directed to the 'moderator' per there

On a related note: I have become somewhat 'aggressive' about removing
senders of vacation messages, anti spam verifications and other related
bounces from the list. I ignored this for a while as they all go into my
'low priority' inbox. But as it turns out, about half of the non-spam I
get are bounces. So if you find yourself unsubscribed, sign up again or
drop me a note if it keeps happening.

On Fri, 2003-06-20 at 15:21, Joe Stewart wrote:
> On Friday 20 June 2003 02:23 pm, Richard Golodner wrote:
> > I believe that is Joe, a knowledgeable infosec guy, why the doubts? Just
> > curious.
> It's not me; it just replayed my post back to the list due to a 
> misconfiguration by the Willi Web administrator. I've seen a few such
> instances where a message is crossposted, and the receiving mail
> server is kind enough to try and forward it to all the addresses in
> the "Cc:" field a second time.
> -Joe

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