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Doug White doug at dwhite.ws
Sat Jun 21 00:48:42 GMT 2003

It is - the email you received is also a fraud, the links are redirects not
actual web sites belonging to bestbuy.
It appears that while shut down at the original location, they are still at it.

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| On Friday 20 June 2003 11:20 am, Doug White wrote:
| > Just received this emil from Best Buy:  (I am a customer, and an affiliate)
| > Doug
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| Man. I got this same thing, but it wasn't from bestbuy.com. I got an email
| from an outsourced marketing group explaining this. Which means they handed
| over my email address, one of the things they said they wouldn't do when I
| entered personal information at their site.
| Maybe I'm missing something, but to use an outsourced emailer to tell people
| of a bait & switch, isnt that actually a bait & switch in itself?... It might
| actually provoke people to follow fraudulent links, since the legitimate
| links they sent are indeed outside of the domain bestbuy.com, but still have
| the word bestbuy in the URL. Here is a snippet from the email I received:
| > No Best Buy systems have been compromised, and our online
| > business is secure. The privacy of your personal information is
| > of the utmost importance to Best Buy and any information you
| > provide to us is handled according to our Privacy Policy.
| > To view our Privacy Policy, please visit:
| > http://bestbuy.postfuture.com/P/v3/r.asp?r=T1_Urlsnip
| > As part of the preparation for the relaunch of BestBuy.com,
| > online purchasing will be temporarily unavailable beginning
| > Friday, June 20; however, our product information and helpful
| > resource articles will still be available. Rest assured, the
| > fraudulent e-mail will not affect the launch of our
| > redesigned Web site.
| > If you have any questions, call Customer Care at
| > 1-888-BEST BUY (237-8289) or visit our Online Pressroom at:
| > http://bestbuy.postfuture.com/P/v3/r.asp?r=T1_Urlsnip
| > To find out more about protecting your information, visit the
| > Federal Trade Commission's Identity Theft Web site at:
| > http://bestbuy.postfuture.com/P/v3/r.asp?r=T1_Urlsnip
| The links point to a visual copycat of bestbuy.com, without the products. I
| realize they are trying to do everything possible to protect consumers from
| this, but this seems a bit shady to me.
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