[Dshield] security.scan.sec.rr.com

Doug White doug at dwhite.ws
Sat Jun 21 16:21:23 GMT 2003

This is just an update to spam reporting to abuse AT rr dot com routed via open
proxies that are within their own net block.

Of the five open proxies that were regularly used as spam gateways, three have
already been either shut down or taken offline for reconfiguration, and at any
rate do not respond to relay requests.   Bear in mind that these IP numbers has
been persistent for over three months, and RR had received literally thousands
of spam reports just through SpamCop alone and had not taken any action.

Hopefully the other two will be treated likewise very soon.

Remember this was a one time experiment, and likely will not be repeated, but it
did test the thought that sending a spam report to the abuse desk through the
open relay, actually got the matter much higher on their radar screen.

With so many of the diverse black lists in operation, many of which take a very
long time or never remove an offending IP number from their database, I pity the
one who gets those IP numbers if they are ever reassigned to another customer of

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