AW: [Dshield] Windows Messenger Popup Spam on UDP Port 1026

Graham Dodd g.dodd at
Mon Jun 23 07:19:28 GMT 2003

Well I figured I'd throw in my 0,02?

...... having observed mail list etiquette and snipped to an appropriate
length ;-)

the easy answer for the ISP is "block the port", so everytime somebody
abuses a port / service the ISP blocks the port - that will seriously limit
service for legitimate customers.

How about ISP's taking action against those that abuse the Internet, block
the abusers - NOT the users

Hard, of course that would be hard, that's why they take the easy way out,
but if ISP's starting becoming responsible for the service they provide and
taking action then I know which ISP I would use

Disclaimer: This is not directed at ISP's on this list, it is obvious from
the traffic on the list that everyone here does care about proper use of the

ok, it's Monday I'll throw in another 0,02?

knout, petard - what next ??


> Windows Messenger Popup Spam on UDP Port 1026
> URL:
> Release Date: June 20, 2003
> Author: Joe Stewart
> LURHQ Corporation has observed traffic to large blocks of IP addresses
> on UDP port 1026. This traffic started around June 18, 2003 and has
-------- snip snip -------------------------

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