[Dshield] smtp test for open relay

Fred Grayson fred at fred-grayson.net
Mon Jun 23 15:04:05 GMT 2003

>I stand corrected, looks like theres some automated
>process that kicks off doing a telnet to relay-test.mail-abuse.org
>As follows: (kindda nice)


Yes, very nice, but did you make it thru all 19 tests? ;-)

There's still quite a bit of older mail server code out there still in use that passes the standard trivial by 
hand attempt to relay mail. Yet these servers eventually wind up being blacklisted, and when the owner 
is pointed to this test site, they see that the code is vulnerable to some esoteric trick used further down 
the list of test.

At some time in the distant past, this test site would terminate the testing upon the first succesful attempt 
to relay mail, so you had to get that particular vulnerability fixed, then go back and see if anything further 
down in the list of tests was still waiting to be exploitable. I have no idea if this aspect of the tester has 
been fixed or not though.

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