[Dshield] smtp test for open relay

Marc Chabot (.net) marc at chabot.net
Mon Jun 23 16:47:16 GMT 2003

BJ> I tried just a few minutes ago, appears to be
BJ> working fine. You do need to be telneting from the
BJ> mail server you wish to test, and have the appropriate
BJ> ports open if theres a firewall between the server and
BJ> the internet.

Oh yes, I do it from the mail server and the firewall logs don't show
anything blocked.  Right now it's working fine with two users, one
inside and one outside the network (the same isp for the server and
the internet user).   With the smtp authentication (pop like) I'm
quite sure it isn't open to relaying, but I better test it just in

If telneting to keeps crapping on me, I'll go to my
internet mail user and run the tools from http://kickme.to/dpsecurity
to see how it looks from the other side.

Anyway, I'm not done with testing...

Best regards,
 CanonBall                            mailto: marc at chabot.net

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