[Dshield] DShield not liking my reports

Nels Lindquist nlindq at maei.ca
Mon Jun 23 18:41:48 GMT 2003

On 23 Jun 2003 at 11:49, Johannes Ullrich wrote:

> Sorry that I missed your earlier post. Are you getting individual
> submission confirmations? This is usually the best point to start,
> as they contain some debugging info.


> "The e-mail address you used to submit this report from did not match
> the address we have on file."

In an attempt to manage the multiple reporting sources better, I 
signed them up as dshield+[hostname]@dom.ain.

Though I can successfully log into the website with those addresses, 
apparently the log processor doesn't like 'em.

Can that be changed at the server level, or am I going to be stuck 
creating a reporting alias for each machine and signing up new 
DShield accounts?

Nels Lindquist <*>
Information Systems Manager
Morningstar Air Express Inc.

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