[Dshield] CONSTANT 445/tcp scans from a node

Joe Matusiewicz joem at nist.gov
Wed Jun 25 13:39:29 GMT 2003

At 09:03 AM 6/25/03, Deb Hale wrote:
>Matt,  This is the info from Dshield.  Was this the company you talked to
>before? If it is - what was the email address they gave you to report to?
>If it is different that abuse at rogers.com I can update the information.
>According to the info on this ip there have been over 20,000 - 445 reports
>and it doesn't indicate that an abuse has been sent on this IP.

I remember Roger's cable two years ago about malicious 
scanning.  Complained every day for a week and got no response with the 
last complaint warning about shunning their domain.  After shunning their 
domain, they killed the user's account.  They used to be slow to 
respond...don't know about now.

-- Joe

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