[Dshield] new virus/attachment

Chris DeVoney chris_devoney at cybercritic.com
Thu Jun 26 15:25:26 GMT 2003

On Wednesday, June 25, 2003 7:55 PM, Neil G. Lovering wrote:
> Anyone seeing some new "attachment" that comes in as a zip?  
> I've gotten a few from various folks just today.  I sent an 
> email back to one of my friends, and he stated that he 
> definitely did not send it to me.  In fact, it was from an 
> old, unsed email address of his.  Thus, I'm thinking that 
> someone is sending some new rogue attachment around.  

I got one send by the mail daemon at uunet.net, which means somebody forged
my address as the sender.

It was Sobig.e at mm according to McAfee's AV scanner. In this case, the zip
file (your details.zip) had the payload "your details.pif" file.


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