Securing home computers (Was: Re: [Dshield] Re: [Full-Disclosure] Port Blocking)

John Hardin johnh at
Sat Jun 28 17:13:45 GMT 2003

On Fri, 2003-06-27 at 12:30, Ed Truitt wrote:

> With all due respect, I think we can expect people to exercise due
> diligence in running a fairly secure system.  We don't require people to
> work on their own automobiles: however, we do require that they pass a
> safety inspection (and, in some areas, an emissions inspection), and if
> the car needs repairs they get done BEFORE it is certified as fit to
> operate on the public streets.  We require that, if you own a firearm,
> you store it in such a manner that children can't get hold of the thing
> and use it.  And, if you drive a car without a valid inspection sticker,
> or if you leave a gun out and little Janie shoots little Johnnie between
> the eyeballs with it, then you are held to account.
> So, why can't we require people to properly secure their computers? 

An Internet Driver's License has been bandied about (in humor) for a
long time. The questions are: who would enforce it? Who would set the
standards and apply the qualifying test? How would we make it apply

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