Securing home computers (Was: Re: [Dshield]Re:[Full-Disclosure]Port Blocking)

Rick Leske rick at
Sun Jun 29 00:28:47 GMT 2003

> Easy now. Im just trying to offer fair alternatives to blocking ports at
> isp. No reason to gore me. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to nat a
> network.

I really wish there were other ways or means available to thwart
inappropriate/malicious internet traffic.  Try as I might I just can't seem
to think of anything reasonable that would do this other than holding the
ISP's accountable for there clients/customers usage.  Can't levy the
responsibility to the IANA, Registrars, etc.. they still let
operate because of some bent interpretation of freedom of speech.  Never
mind or completely disregard the fact that many children are exposed to
pornographic materials via email or websites run amuck.   US email spammer
organization have been moving there servers off shore to continue there
massive UCE bursts and to avoid US prosecution.  This subject matter alone
has filled gigabytes of space throughout the internet.  If the US based ISP
was to be held accountable then guess what?  They would block the overseas
spammers port.  So what are the alternative?   People buy a computer, hook
it to the internet via high speed what ever, sit back and want it to work.
(after all they paid for it)  The use of NAT is good but not a secure - sure

Pardon the gig about Gore.. was against my character for sure.



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