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Doug White doug at dwhite.ws
Sun Jun 29 12:11:29 GMT 2003

I wonder if that is local to your area.  My provider is SBC, and they block
nothing at all.  I operate Web Servers, Mail servers, Anti-spam filtering
servers, etc, a whole rack of them.

I might add if they ever did start blocking ports as a matter of course and not
in response to a widespread attack, I would change providers.  There are plenty
to choose from here.

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| On Friday 27 June 2003 19:36, you wrote:
| Some ISP's are taking things too far, imo.  Up until this week, ports 21, 80,
| and 25 were blocked.  I could live with my ISP blocking those ports as they
| are abused by some people.  Now, here's the stinker!  My ISP just started
| blocking ALL incoming ports.  Every one is blocked!  I can't even ssh to my
| machine anymore.  I can't scp files between my machines and other remote
| machines that I work on remotely.  This is starting to tick me off!  That is
| just uncalled for in my opinion.  I could get more service out of dialup back
| in the day!  ISPs are going too far, imo.  I pay to get service TO and FROM
| my machine.  I don't abuse that ability as some do.
| </rant>
| Im calling my ISP this week.  Anyone else with SBC having the same problems?
| - Jim

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