content filtering, isp responsiblity...(Was: Re: [Dshield]Re:[Full-Disclosure]Port Blocking)

Geoff Shively gshively at
Sun Jun 29 20:27:26 GMT 2003

I am confident that most ISPs cover this potential problem in the Disclaimer
of Liability. In fact here is the section from one of the bigger dogs,
Earthlink [ELN]:

"Neither EarthLink nor Sprint represent or endorse the accuracy or
reliability of any of the information, content or advertisements
(collectively, the "Materials") contained on, distributed through, or
linked, downloaded or accessed from any of the services contained on this
web site (the "Service")...."

Now the question is, why doesn't corporate america deal with this in the
same fashion, a Disclaimer of Employee Liability or some sort. OH NO, This
thread has taken a drastically NON-Technical turn. =)

Geoff Shively, CHO
PivX Solutions, LLC

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> Lets spice this up a bit...
> In the US, companies have the right to protect employees.  For example,
lets say I am walking down
> the hall, and I see my peer browsing porn.  If I take offense, i can sue
my company.  Now mind you
> this is a US law.  The company is obligated to protect me.  Could one
assume the same for the ISP?
>  What if I have a child, and he/she is on a porn page.  Or I start to
receive porn spam.  Could
> one hold their ISP responsible?
> This isnt exactly ports, but content...
> mrcorp
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