content filtering, isp responsiblity...(Was: Re: [Dshield]Re:[Full-Disclosure]Port Blocking)

Rick Leske rick at
Sun Jun 29 22:51:00 GMT 2003

> Lets spice this up a bit...
> In the US, companies have the right to protect employees.  For example,
lets say I am walking down
> the hall, and I see my peer browsing porn.  If I take offense, i can sue
my company.  Now mind you
> this is a US law.  The company is obligated to protect me.  Could one
assume the same for the ISP?
>  What if I have a child, and he/she is on a porn page.  Or I start to
receive porn spam.  Could
> one hold their ISP responsible?
> This isnt exactly ports, but content...
> mrcorp

I believe your stuck within the loop holes of your TOS.  About the only way
an ISP could be found at fault is if you can prove that they knowingly
allowed pornographic materials or UCE to be sent to you (if within the
direct control of the ISP).  Most ISP's will not control 'who' sends email
to your email address.  If the perps are part of your ISP then a friendly
email to there abuse at should rectify any concerns.  Funny thing
is though.. many ISP's have brought suit against a lot of spammers.
Micro$oft has been slamming the spammers hard recently too.


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